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Eco Statics is the European Distributor of world-class anti-microbials using highly advanced chemistry that passes all efficacy testing whilst remaining safe for users in any environment.
Our partner manufacturer uses its proprietary adjuvant to turbo-boost very low levels of chemicals to become powerful, fast acting, long lasting disinfectants.
All Eco Statics partner technologies have been tested and assessed as Non-toxic, Non-irritant, Non-corrosive, and Food-safe anti-microbials.
Our strategic partners manufacture the anti-microbial you need for your specific industry application and supplies solutions in bulk.


  • Eco Statics – Ultra Concentrate


    For spillages and soiling use ULTRA first as it will kill the pathogens within the spillage or soiling, thus rendering it harmless to be removed and clean it up with DAILY. 2X5 litres per box (each container comes with 200ml concentrate to add water)

    Highly potent anti-microbial
    An extremely effective sporicidal that works fast
    Prolonged anti-microbial effect
    ULTRA safe
    Fully compliant
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  • Eco Statics – Control Concentrate


    Weekly spray with CONTROL (a persistent solution) to all areas, which include walls carpets surfaces and more. As this product continues to work for 4 weeks (white paper on killing MRSA on the walls). It continues to clean the environment you work and live in by removing harmful VOC’s in the air. 4X5 litres per box (each container comes with 60ml concentrate to add water)

    Eco Statics CONTROL offers broad spectrum disinfection
    Very low chemical concentration yet highly effective
    Single step cleaning and disinfection
    Can be used on all surfaces and is residue-free
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  • Eco Statics – Protect – Antiseptic Hand Sanitiser


    Utilise PROTECT hand sanitiser as it will disinfect your hands for up to 4 hours. Unlike alcohol based sanitiser PROTECT has a prolonged anti-microbial effect for between 2-4 hours. PROTECT is in compliance with the (FDA) Final Tentative Monograph for OTC Hand sanitise preparations. Options are 10x50ml per box foam pumps or 2×5 Litre refill per box options.

    Alcohol free
    Very user friendly
    Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi
    Leaves NO residue, tackiness or odour on the skin
    • Water based alcohol free hand sanitiser
    • Unlike alcohol based sanitizer PROTECT has a prolonged anti-microbial effect for between 2-4 hours
    • PROTECT is a skin and hand antiseptic hand sanitiser
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  • Eco Statics – Daily Sachets


    DAILY is a total rapid biodegradable cleaner with NO Bioaccumulation to the environment or on surfaces, which means ZERO environmental impact! DAILY can be used on Organic and Non‐Organic substrates. It has zero VOC’s, cleans at neutral pH and breaks down oil spills Fat Oil and Grease (FOG), lipids, dried bodily fluids and organic matter. Each box contains 36x30ml sachets.

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Our sprayers and chemicals have been designed to work exclusively together to deliver outstanding kill results on over 100 pathogens.


We are the Exclusive Master Distributor in Europe and other Countries outside of USA.


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