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Why our Partners love Eco Easy Finance which helps them grow big ticket contracted deals.

At Eco Easy Finance Solutions, we provide convenient, flexible solutions to our partners. Our operating leases aren’t just designed for one-off transactions: they’re geared towards making your business bigger, better, and more competitive. We pay all invoices quickly – and normally within 48 hours – giving you improved cash flow and less credit risk, offering you the opportunity to venture into larger sales.

With Eco Easy Leasing Solutions, you’re gaining access to a product that’s simple, approachable, and easy to manage – and a team that’s dedicated to providing you and your customers with the most suitable finance products. We can provide leasing solutions for a range of different industries such as – Health – Corporate – Education – Leisure – Transport – Agriculture.



New Eco Statics sprayers and chemicals can be acquired at a fixed quarterly fee, based on a transparent cost per spray eco finance model that also includes Service & Support extended warranty together with consultancy which encompasses all the initial and ongoing management costs of key customers. This facilities management Eco Easy full managed serviced finance solution effectively provides our partners a one stop shop which bundles the hardware, chemicals and services into a pay per use contract based on an organisation’s size and environment. This flexible approach builds the ideal platform to introduce robust cleaning protocols with our cutting edge technology and chemicals without large capital investment. In turn this helps your customers increase kill rates and introduce safer environments together with reducing cost due to the adoption of 3D spray wrap technology which improves coverage rates, kill rates and drives more efficiency and cost effective long term customer engagement model.


• Stronger, more profitable customer relationships thanks to increased contact and service delivery.
• Finance ‘soft costs’ such as professional services and cleaning audits.
• Managed Cleaning Services (MCS) is made simple and convenient, enabling your business to become a well-respected Managed Service provider through the Eco Easy Finance programme and accredited infection control certification.

MCS is the ideal platform for your business to manage your customers’ entire cleaning environment. Your business relationships will prosper as you, in turn, help your customers to reduce their costs and improve the environment.


Every business requires equipment, but not every business can justify the expense of an outright purchase. There are many reasons for this: they may have no budget left to allocate or it is part of a large project roll-out which is better suited to a lease funding approach to introduce greater flexibility.

Operating lease presents a solution to this problem. If your customers are looking to secure vital assets from you without making a significant upfront financial commitment, an operating lease is a very attractive option. 

The way it works is simple. Over the course of an agreed contractual period, they pay a fixed periodic rental (+VAT). During this period, they will have full, unrestricted access to the asset. At the end of the contract, the asset is returned. For example at the end of a 3 or 4 years term up to a maximum of 5 years.

An operating lease is positioned as a business expense and can reduce pre-tax profits and therefore reduce the amount of income or corporation tax payable.

Managing a series of small, fixed outgoings across 12-60 months is typically easier for cash flow-sensitive businesses than paying upfront. What’s more, an operating lease can also come with added extras such as support with maintenance, implementation, training and chemicals giving them more options provides them with more incentive to invest in their business and more incentive to stick with your company when the lease expires.

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