Backpack Electrostatic Sprayer (VP300ES)

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
Handheld sprayer not releasing fluid but there is fluid in the tank.Manufacturing air block from testing at factory.Remove the micron nozzle using the nozzle tool. Insert battery. Place the palm of your hand over the end of the sprayer to create an air lock and hold the trigger for 1 minute. Replace nozzle tool and tank and hold to spray.
Not enough fluid in tank for the hose to draw through.Fill the tank at least half full.
Tank not correctly locked in place.Ensure the black locking wheel on the neck of the sprayer is at the unlock position. Place the tank on a flat surface, run the grooves of the tank down the grooves of the sprayer and the pin lock will click into place. Ensure the top of the tank sits flush to the sprayer and twist the black lock to the locking position.
Micron nozzle pops out when pressing the trigger.The nozzle has not engaged correctly and has not been locked in place correctly.Using the nozzle tool, push the micron tool into the end of the sprayer and turn and push gently one quarter turn anti-clockwise followed by one immediate quarter clockwise turn. The micron setting should line up with the little green moulded arrow on the machine. If the micron setting and arrow do not line up please do two anti-clockwise quarter turns followed by one quarter clockwise turn. To remove the nozzle simply turn anti clockwise one quarter turn.
The back pack is making a clicking noise but no fluid is spraying.The back-pack tank is not sitting correctly therefore the fluid draw points are not in line.Place the bottom of the tank into place first ensuring the feed on the tank lines up with the feed on the base of the sprayer. Gently push the tank back against the back of the sprayer and lock the black locking mechanism in place.
The hose lock is not connected to the unit or the hand sprayer.Ensure both the hose lock and electrostatic connection are clicked securely into place by pulling back the connector, pushing on and releasing.
Red light on the battery display.Possible connection issue.If there is one to hand, try another Battery. Clean the battery connector using a clean micro fibre cloth and try again. Check the battery pin connectors and connectors inside the unit are not bent or compromised.
Flat batteryPlug the charging unit in and slide the battery into place. The green indicator lights show current charge and the red show how much charge is required.
The micron nozzle tool will not
stay in place and pops out when
The internal plastic grommets are worn.Call Eco Statics as this is a warranty issue.
The handheld bungee strap does not lock into place.The small metal push latch is jammed.Push the button on the end of the strap and check the small push latch on the other end moves in and out freely.
The electrostatic connection point on the side of the back pack has broken.The machine has been laid on the connector or the connector has been bent while in action.Each machine is supplied with a rubber cover. Ensure that this is placed over the connections after each use and when stored.
The micron nozzle seems blocked and is rusting.We cannot be on site at all times checking which fluids are used or if the tanks are kept flushed through.Ensure that only water- based fluid (non-flammable and non-solvent based are used).
If you are not using Eco Statics approved fluids, please ensure that after EVERY use 30 seconds of water is sprayed through the machine to keep the components free from blockages. Flushing through will help prevent rusting and ongoing issues.

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