To understand cleaning, you need to understand what clean really is…

Nine tenths of the law!

Possession of a pathogen in your space means that you have taken ownership of the risks and liabilities associated with those pathogens on your unhealthy surfaces, walls and environment. The demands, costs, and personnel required to stay ahead of mobile pathogens without the use of innovative application technologies (electrostatic sprayers and solutions) makes the expectation and delivery of proper surface cleaning and disinfection unrealistic.

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Even distribution of a solution using Electrostatics

Change your thought process and the way you clean and disinfect your environment.

The cleaning process used in the modern day is flawed in many ways and this needs to change quickly. The current cleaning and disinfection process in most environments involve walking into a room with a trigger sprayer, cloths and to spray across all surface areas followed by wiping down. This process can be ineffective, harmful to the user (strong chemicals) and the environment and incredibly time consuming. When you combine all the above, it makes you wonder how and why we even bother to clean!

1. Basic current cleaning processes — Effectiveness

Why would you allow a cleaner into a room without them knowing what is on the surfaces or the walls?

Lack of knowledge and understanding of chemicals / products that are being used as well as poor application methods make current processes flawed. Example: A product that needs to be on the surface for up to 5 minutes (tested to EN standards) to kill bacteria, is sprayed on and virtually wiped off instantly, meaning that it is an ineffective way of cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning is about removing the bio burden on the surface and preventing outbreaks. Cleaners have been educated/taught to spray and wipe almost immediately therefore not understanding if the surface is even dirty or whether the product they are spraying needs to be left on the surface for a required period of time to comply with EN testing — they are in most cases also harmful to the user

Solution — The electrostatic spraying process allows water- based solutions (I recommend our own) to be effective against pathogens as it allows the correct dwell time to be met, meaning the efficacy of the solution is met, and the user is protected before they clean.

2. Environment

Most of our everyday chemicals are harmful to the environment and not compatible to many surfaces. Most of these chemicals are harmful to the user and are used ineffectively.

Solution — Use an Eco-friendly persistent chemical range such as the Eco Statics ‘Ultra’ and ‘Control’ range. They empower Mother Nature as she is not having to fight against other harmful chemicals first before starting on the day job! The E — Shield system empowers Mother Nature back to basics in protecting our environment and ‘Ultra’ and ‘Control’ work on the bio burden (organic matter) from the surface which is the primary cause of outbreaks.

3. Time

Spraying and wiping down every surface can take a long time due to the manual and ineffective delivery devices of trigger sprayers and cleaning cloths which create drips, runs and do not hit shadowed and hidden areas.

Solution – Electrostatic sprayers allow large surface areas to be covered in minutes using 65% less solution and 300 x quicker than a trigger spray. Therefore applying 65% less solution, covering more areas and using less chemicals we are all empowering Mother Nature to take back control.

If you would like to change the way you clean and disinfect your environment come and speak with Eco Statics — a business at the forefront of innovative disinfection technology.

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