When having the whole world in my hands is not what I expected…

Have you really thought about what you touch on a daily basis without even thinking about it? On average we touch our faces 2000–3000 times a day!! This is something that wouldn’t normally, have even crossed my mind, but it got me to wondering what else I have been touching frequently and decided to do a little list…that quickly turned into a very large list.

Every Morning the first thing I do is press snooze on my phone alarm. I’d like to say I do this once but that would be a lie, I must press it a least 3 times.

I then make my way to the kitchen where I attempt to do a hundred things at once. First thing first, I put the kettle on! I switch on the TV using the remote that is also shared with my partner and my two young children (I feel I have to say they are both boys) I then make breakfast, put washing in, make pack lunches & try and wash the breakfast pots.

After breakfast I spend most of my time running around the house, trying to ensure the children are brushing teeth, getting dressed and shouting at them to put shoes on, whilst most likely touching everything in sight.

We then eventually leave for school. I’m carrying all their bags, of course, which are no longer the colour they once was and look filthy. We only have 5 more weeks left of the school year and they are barely holding it together.

We arrive at the germ pit that is primary school, I fill up my youngest’s water bottle to save time. This water bottle is left at school all week and only gets a quick rinse. I’m guilty of being in a rush and do not think about how gross this actually is.

I also take some money into the school office; this is the same office all the sick children go to when they are waiting for their parents to collect them.

I get back home to quickly tidy round before leaving for work, again I’m rushing around touching door handles, light switches, toys, clothes and sometimes flushing the used loo!

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I drive to work sometimes eating something such as a breakfast bar and a coffee in a travel mug, I pop to the petrol station to fill up, I have to go into the kiosk and whilst I’m there I pick up a pack of mints, which again I munch away at in the car.

I arrive at work and switch my computer on. Luckily, we do not hot desk, all the germs are my own! I go up to the first floor touching the bannister as I’m in heels (health and safety, people!), we do have a lift but its only 2 small flights of stairs and I need to get my steps in. I get back to my desk and my colleague has kindly made me a coffee.

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This was only the first part of one morning, I touched so many things I couldn’t possibly keep up and so I thought I would do a little internet research with the following results:

  • On average we touch our phones 20,617 times a day
  • School bags carry more germs than a toilet seat
  • Interestingly, it seems that it is the handle to the toilet door that has the most germs, not the actual toilet.
  • Banknotes, coins, purses, pockets and wallets are contaminated by 19 kinds of bacteria.
  • 1 in 4 office workers do NOT wash their hands after using the loo.
  • Hotel remotes are found to have 1,211,687 CFU (colony forming units) of bacteria per square inch.

So, what have I learned from this:

  • I will never use a hotel remote unless I have personally cleaned it.
  • I’m taking my car for a valet and I will never be eating or drinking in the car again.
  • I will wear the protective gloves when filling my car up with fuel.
  • I will never touch another public or office handrail (giving me a reason to work on my core).
  • I will always use contactless payment, wherever and whenever possible.

These are only a few things I found from a simple internet search and simple solutions to try and stop the spread of germs, but you can protect yourself and your family from all the hidden germs with our hand sanitiser.

It is:

  • Water-based
  • Alcohol free
  • Works for 2–4 hours after application
  • Enhances your own hands self defence system, unlike alcohol, which strips it away and leaves it unprotected.
  • It is an antiseptic so can be applied to cuts and grazes

This is just maybe 1/3 of a day in the life of an average working parent, but also think about the other places we visit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Places such as gyms, supermarkets, pubs/restaurants are frequented by a high traffic of people all over the country.

Eco Statics can help all these places become a clean, germ free environment. Helping companies save time and money, whilst protecting their workers and the environment.

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